Why is clean air so important?

Clean air is as important for our health as healthy food and water, actually it is even more important, why? Because we eat around 1 kg of food, drink roughly 2 kg of liquids but breath around 15 kg of air every day.


Clean air means health, health means life quality and a longer life, more time with your beloved ones. According to the WHO, 92% of all humans breath unhealthy air, every day. 

Tendency increasing. It is a fact, more people die of bad air than of HIV or Malaria.

Life expectancy is shortened by bad air quality, up to two years, depending on where you live. Air pollution is behind 1 in 9 death worldwide, reports WHO. The WHO attributes 6,500,000 death every year to bad air, outdoor and indoor pollution, this means 17808 deaths per day or 742 death per hour because of bad air or 12 people die every minute because of it.

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There might even exist a strong correlation between air pollution and COVID 19 deaths suggests a study by Yaron Ogen, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany.

Poisoning our environment and air means poisoning our own body, this causes chronic respiratory stress, this limits the ability of the immune system to defend itself from infections.


Air quality has to be improved, outdoor and indoor.


Humans spend 90% of their time indoor, this is why we concentrate on this area, indoor air purification, even disinfection, offering you a solution for whatever space, private or public, big or small.


We are specialised in offering you a state of the art technology and unique services around them to make sure the air you breath in your home, office, shop, gym, bar, restaurant or wherever, is as clean as it can be.

Not enough, it will not only be clean, contributing to your state of health, it will be free of pathogenes, bacteria and viruses, important every day, now and in the years to come.

We eliminate all that what should not enter your lungs, with an efficiency of up to 99,995% depending on what solution you choose. This way we surely contribute to your well being, your health, your life expectancy, your happiness.

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